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Argentario Mapping

4 APR '16

In 2015 Ecomuseo Argentario launched a project that involved crowdmapping on the open source platform Open Street Map.

This huge map database is free licensed and allows anyone to locate all the points of interests of their area on the map and these will be visible worldwide.

Ecomuseo Argentario started its mapping project by locating the most distinctive sites of our area: the cadìni (mineshafts) and the canope (underground tunnels), i.e. the traces of Medieval mining activity.

With the help of the cadastre made by the section located in Cognola of the Association of Alpinists of Trento SAT, the mine entries have been re-mapped with GPS by a group of devoted and dynamic volunteers. You can see their work in real time on this website.

Starting in Autumn 2016 the project has been expanded and integrated in the broader project called M’Appare il Lagorai (the Italian name is a pun with the words mappare, which means “to map”, and mi appare il Lagorai, or m’appare in the contracted form, which means “the Lagorai appears to me”), which is supported by many ecomuseums of the network in the Region Trentino. With the help of the local community, all the paths are being re-mapped and their traces can be freely consulted and downloaded on this website.

Whoever is interested to collaborate can contact us at our email address info@ecoargentario.it and participate in our mapping sessions with the volunteers. You can find information about the project M’Appare il Lagorai on this website.

Marked in blue are the canope and in red the cadini mapped so far during the campaign 2016.